Making A FemDom Relationship Work: Part 7 - How To Own You Man

As I walked out of the coffee shop, I knew it was time to let Jack come home. If you have been reading the blog, you know that we had a difficult, but very frank conversation. While most of the feelings of anger had passed, I still felt a very real sense of hurt and betrayal. At lest by now I did know enough about dominance, submission, and things in between that I could have an intelligent conversation with Jack.

Making A FemDom Relationship Work: Part 6 - Laying Out Rules In Our FemDom Relationship

In this part of the blog I would like to talk about the feelings, and the doubts that came out of the visit with Jack in the coffee shop.

By this time the anger over him seeing a dominatrix was gone. There was still a hurt in my heart because of the relationship with another women, but I also knew that with God's help, we would find a way to get over that.

Random Thoughts On FemDom, Independence Day Edition

I love holidays. Each of them is special in their own way. For Jack and I the 4th is about friends, less about family than Christmas or Easter.

Making A FemDom Relationship Work: Part 5 - The First Time As A Mistress

As I walked up to the cafe door where Jack was standing, I noticed his eyes glancing down to my legs. It had been years since I wore a skirt as short as this. It was not what you would call a 'whore' skirt, but it was short. Complimented with the boots, the outfit did get Jack's attention.
That is exactly what I wanted it to do.

Making A FemDom Relationship Work: Part 4 - How I Slowly Became His Mistress - The First Meeting

There are some conversations that you will remember all of your life. There are some events that I will never forget. Finding the panties in Jack's gym bag five years ago was one of those events that will stay with me forever.

How Any Woman Can Become A Mistress

It is especially fun to watch men as they react to instructions or guidance form women. Over the weekend I really loved it when my daughter told her guy to help daddy with the dishes. Where did she pick that up from?