How Any Woman Can Become A Mistress

It is especially fun to watch men as they react to instructions or guidance form women. Over the weekend I really loved it when my daughter told her guy to help daddy with the dishes. Where did she pick that up from?

How To Make A FemDom Relationship Work

It was one of those days I will always remember. It was the last time I walked out of the door of Kimberly's studio. It was a hot, rainy day. Kimberly had one of her submissive males take an umbrella, and walk with me to the car. He had been trained by Kimberly on how to hold an umbrella for a lady; walk just a small half step behind making sure she was always covered. He knew to open the car door, do a curtsy, and not say a word unless spoken to. Kimberly knew how to train men!

The Two Central Messages Of A FemDom Relationship

This blog has a central message.

What is the difference between a Mistress and a Dominatrix?

To have an understanding of the couple that Jack and I have evolved into, it is important to understand the impression this unique young woman Kimberly had on me. Some people reading this blog may wonder if Kimberly and I eventually became friends. The answer is no. We are different types of people.

The first month FemDom relationship

To all of you who have visited my blog, thank you very much. A special 'thank you' to those who were kind enough to leave a comment.

It is nice to have positive comments. Since most of the people who follow blogs are men, I doubted that my little blog would get much attention. My writing style is so different than what men appear to like. Also, in this blog, the discussion will focus on relationships and feelings. These are topics which men normally like to stay away from.

Our First Day In FemDom: How I Laid Out The Rules For A Successful Relationship

It was one of those special days. It was like my wedding day, one of those days I will remember for ever. Jack followed me home from the coffee shop. He was nervous, so was I. We both understood that from that point on our relationship would be very different than it had been in the past. I had doubts. Could I really be the mistress/wife, could I be the dominatrix that my husband needed. In general, I knew what had to be done, but doing it was something else.
As we walked into the house I took a deep breath.

How I Got More Comfortable With My New Role As Mistress

For any relationship to work, each of the participants must have some responsibilities. They must have a certain role. In our marriage, Jack and I had a relationship, and in the twenty plus years we had been married those responsibilities were well defined. We didn't need to talk about our mutual roles, because it was just there. We knew how to act with each other. We knew what to expect from each other. It was very comfortable, just like an old shoe.