How To Handle A FemDom Relationship When You Have Kids?

Jack and I started our 'fem/dom' marriage after our children were away from home. The kennel, used when Jack came home, lasted until our son came home from college for the first time. There was no way I wanted him to see it in our house. This was something I did not want to share with him or any other family member.

Is Owning A Male Sub Bad? Is It Ok To Call Him A Slave?

This morning I received an email from a lady. She criticised me for referring to my husband as a slave. Words do have power, and convey meaning. To her the term slavery had a barbaric meaning that has no place in a marriage.

How To Consistently Establish Female Authority In FemDom

This is an issue I have given a great deal of thought to, but frankly, don't have the answers.

Based on many of comments and emails, I have the feeling that there are a large number of couples that would like to have a true 'fem/dom' marriage. The problem is that the wife is never able to obtain true authority over her husband. The 'fem/dom' arrangement remains a game, an on and off thing depending on every ones mood of the day.

How To Manage Money In A FemDom Relationship

In some ways men seam to want the feeling that the wife is in control, but then they want to be the person pulling the strings. Remember the old expression, he who has the gold makes the rules. I think this is true in a marriage as well as in business.

How To Accept A Submissive Male?

In some ways the relationship between me and my husband, Jack, very much mirrors my earlier encounter with beer. At first blush I was completely turned off by the idea of a submissive man. To me it was crazy that a man would humiliate himself in front of a women, or be willing to live as her servant. It was sick. Somehow working with Kimberly I began to see submissive men in a slightly different light. It may have been different, but these were sweet men that meant no harm to anyone else. Then, thanks to Kimberly, I was introduced to a few very intelligent, everyday women, who were completely normal in every respect except that they bossed their men around. One of them is Sarah, I will mention here in the next posts.

Men In Panties: A Primer On Clothes In A FemDom / Female Led Relationship

While sub men find it humiliating to wear panties, they also find it exciting. 
It is not so much the way panties feel on a man, but the way they make a man feel when he is wearing then. In Jack's case they definitely make him feel more submissive. He doesn't know the why of it, he just knows the result.

The Role Of Women In FemDom: How Women Can Accept Their Superiority

As part of the message of this blog, young women need to understand that there is nothing wrong with being the head of household, or CEO of a major corporation. There is nothing 'un feminine' about being your husband's mistress as well as his lover. Quite to the contrary the world would be a better place if more men learned to kneel to their wives, and take orders from them on a daily basis.