The Role Of Women In FemDom: How Women Can Accept Their Superiority

As part of the message of this blog, young women need to understand that there is nothing wrong with being the head of household, or CEO of a major corporation. There is nothing 'un feminine' about being your husband's mistress as well as his lover. Quite to the contrary the world would be a better place if more men learned to kneel to their wives, and take orders from them on a daily basis.

How To Accept A Man Who Wants To Wear Panties

While a 'fem/dom' experience may be a rush for the guy, it is often embarrassing for the wife. From reading my blog you know about the experience in the coffee shop when I had Jack kiss my shoes. What didn't come out in the blog was that I was holding my breath the entire time hoping no one would notice. Actually, I expected Jack to kiss my shoes, and then quickly get up. Instead, he stayed in position with his head just above my feet.

Another FemDom Mistress: Introducing Sarah (And How Their FemDom Relationship Works)

As most of you know I have few girl friends who to some degree dominate their husbands. They read the blog, and from time to time will give me ideas on what to write about. One of these good friends is Sarah. She has given permission for me to write about her and the relationship she has with her husband. This will be in a very general way so that no one will be able to figure out who she is. Actually, if you knew her and her husband on a casual level, you would never, ever guess that she is the absolute boss in their marriage.

The beginning- Our FemDom story, Part III

After some hesitation, I called. A man answered. There was no way I was going to ask to speak with Mistress Kimberly. I briefly explained to him that my husband had been seeing a lady by the name of Kimberly, and that I wished to speak with her. 

The Beginning Of Our FemDom Relationship - Part 2: How I Learned FemDom

When I discovered that Jack had been paying money to see a dominatrix, it was like my entire world came crashing down. At that moment, I didn't want anything to do with him. 

The Beginning Of Our FemDom Relationship - Part 1

It all started when I wanted to do my husband Jack’s laundry.
In his gym bag, I found a bunch of panties... for all I knew, they weren’t mine. I had no idea whose they were, but when he came home I asked him. It ended in a total breakdown, and finally, he admitted having visited a dominatrix. I had no idea what that even meant.